My adventure into prophecy

D A N I E L 2 — I have a few minutes before I begin the activities of this cool, Saturday morning. It’s a brisk 34 degrees outside, but feels like 26 with a dusting of snow on the ground. A dusting, in my South Western Pennsylvania way of talking, means a lot of green can still be seen, yet there’s enough to build a snowman, if you take the time.

Anyway, the reason for this post…

I woke up this morning with thoughts of what got me into the last day’s teaching. My mind went back to an interview on a Pittsburgh television show about my book, Revelation and the Age of the Antichrist. The host asked me, “What got you into the last days?”  It was a simple question, yet I never had anyone ask me that before and had to think about it. I gave a short, brief answer and then we returned to talking about my book. With these thoughts running through my head, I thought I’d let them flow here as a journal of my adventure into prophecy.

My adventure began without being on the journey at all. For almost seven years of my life, until I was twenty-three, I journeyed the path of the counter culture movement of my day. Many called me a “hippie,” others called me an “outcast,” still others looked upon me as one of earth’s “good for nothings.” I am thankful for those close to me—parents, family and church members—who saw something more. There is no doubt that through their prayers and concern, I was able to turn my life around, receive the Holy Spirit, and begin my journey with God because of what Jesus did for me on Calvary. December 1, 1976 was truly a life turning experience when God came to me and set me free.

With this change in my spirit, I began to see the world in a different way. From the beginning of my Christian adventure, things began to revolve around the last days. Because I now understood the world was heading toward its end, I immediately began to pass out gospel tracts to others. Being the introvert that I am, tracts gave me the boldness I needed to reach out to others. Matthew 24 quickly became how I viewed the world. This evolved with the teachings of Hal Lindsey and the Late Great Planet Earth. Though, at the time, I held to most of his teaching, the major divergence was with his perspective on the rapture. I could never see how the pre-tribulation rapture was supported from Scripture. Sure, I understood his rationale, but could never see it as being Biblical.

For twenty-nine years of my Christian experience I essentially held onto the Hal Lindsey view of prophecy. That would change in 2005. One of the big catalysts for my change in thought came when I was teaching on the book of Daniel. I was teaching on Daniel chapter two. I’ve taught this chapter many times before, but this time it would become a new path to lead me to what I now have in my three books: Revelation and the age of the Antichrist; the age of the Antichrist: ARE WE THERE YET; and The Prophetic Timeline.

As I was teaching, I realized that here in Daniel two we have the timeline of history and prophecy from the time of King Nebuchadnezzar until the return of Christ and our entrance into God’s eternal kingdom. When the creation, the pre-flood period, and the time of the patriarchs, judges, kings, and prophets are added, we have the timeline of history from creation to our entrance into God’s eternal kingdom.

This revelation was mind blowing. I then realized that what we have in Daniel two is the prophetic/historical timeline from which all prophetic and historical events can be added to. The timelines found in Daniel seven, nine, Matthew 24, and the book of Revelation all have dated and measurable events. Once you know the dating of events, the simple task is to place them in their proper time period on Daniel two’s timeline…so that is what I did in my three books, Revelation and the Age of the Antichrist, the age of the Antichrist: ARE WE THERE YET, and The Prophetic Timeline. These books may be purchased from

The amazing thing about Daniel two’s timeline is that it is 150% accurate, so accurate that some historians say it couldn’t have been written by Daniel. What the historians didn’t understand was that no man can know these things, but there is a God who reveals His knowledge to His people.

Once I realized the importance of Daniel two’s timeline, my entire perspective on the last days underwent a major change, which is now outlined in my books. Here’s an abbreviated outline of what is written in my books compared with what Hal Lindsey had taught:

HAL                                                                      STEVE
Apostasy                                                              Apostasy
Revived Roman Empire                                   Revived Babylonian Empire
Rapture                                                                no rapture
Antichrist Arrives                                              Antichrist Arrives
Great Tribulation/Wrath of God                     Great Tribulation – 3 ½ years
Second Rapture                                                  Wrath of Christ – 3 ½ years
Millennium                                                          Rapture
Entrance into heaven                                       Wrath of God – 1 hour
…………………………………………………………………………………Millennium – 1,000 years
…………………………………………………………………………………Entrance into Heaven – eternity

Once we understand the timeline of prophetic history, the ordering of last day events and where we are on the prophetic timeline is without question.

This ends this second post. Now let me consider what  direction to go for my next post.

Until next time, the time is near…be prepared.
Mark 1:15



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