Trump, Jerusalem and the welcome mat for the Antichrist

JERUSALEM – I have been amazed at the virtual quite that surrounded President Trump’s affirmation that Jerusalem is indeed the Capital of Israel. I mean, sure, it hit all the papers, news channels, the religious made their comments, the enemies of Israel did some protesting, but they all spoke more/less the obvious, which went something like this:

“Historically Jerusalem has always been the Capital of Israel, and still belongs to Israel; therefore Israel has every right to be recognized by world leaders as having Jerusalem as its Capital.”

The fact that President Trump officially confirmed, and authorized the Embassy move to Jerusalem, was truly a bold and historic move; but there is more, much more significance that was not addressed and should sound an alarm in the hearts of everyone anticipating the soon arrival of the one we call the Antichrist and the return of Christ. Let’s look at this in this way…


When “The Jerusalem Embassy Act” was passed by Congress in 1995, it authorized the moving of the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. However, the law was never put into action by Clinton, Bush, or Obama…why not? Because this maneuver must be given the go ahead by God, when His timing is right. Moving the embassy is more than a political maneuver, but a highly prophetic move.

The Embassy Act put things in place so that acknowledging Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital could happen, but it would not take place until God gives the go ahead. Too often we forget that God, and the governing angels (princes) of nations, determine the course of nations. Now if construction for the Embassy begins in Jerusalem and the embassy is moved, we know that the rise of the Antichrist and the return of Christ will take place in a little more than a decade…


Think of it in this way. According to the prophetic timeline, we know the Antichrist arrives on the scene confirming a seven year peace treaty with Israel. It is during the first 3 ½ years of this treaty that Israel will have peace with her neighbors. It is during this time that the temple will be rebuilt. After the treaty is broken, there will be seven years of hell on earth with 3 ½ years of the Great Tribulation by the Antichrist and 3 ½ years of Christ’s wrath upon the Antichrist’s kingdom. This calculation adds up to 10 ½ years before Christ returns in the clouds with His angels.


Looking at things from a prophetic position, we know that if Trump manages to move the Embassy, it will not bring peace—no world leader can do that until the Antichrist arrives. What most likely will happen is his moving the Embassy will add fuel to the fire and escalate Israel’s already explosive relationship with her Arab/Islamic neighbors. Now, before we go blaming Trump for what appears to be the inevitable spurt of violence, we must keep in mind that God is the one who puts world leaders in their position and removes them from that position…and right now it is Trump God is using to move the world in the direction He has planned. So we must ask…


As we see in our prophetic timeline, we know that we are living at the very end of our present age. We are the generation that is setting in place the cashless society, the realignment of all nations into ten regions, and laying out the welcome mat to the Antichrist. Because of where we are, Trump’s move would ignite the flames of animosity necessary to speed up the need for realigning all nations under one of ten global regions. It would be out of this new world order that the Antichrist would come into power, confirm a seven year treaty with Israel, and start the countdown to the return of Christ.


In my books I show how Scripture brings out that the United States, with Great Britain, is the voice of the Devil on earth to give leadership and direction to the rest of the world in setting the stage for the Antichrist’s arrival. With this in mind, take a look at these statements spoken by President Trump in his proclamation concerning Jerusalem on December 6, 2017 (underline added)…

“I have determined that it is time for the United States to officially recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Jerusalem.”

“Above all, our greatest hope is for peace…”

“With today’s decision, my Administration reaffirms its longstanding commitment to building a future of peace and security in the Middle East.  It is time for all civilized nations and people to respond to disagreement with reasoned debate — not senseless violence…”

What I see in these quotes is the Devil proclaiming to those who have ears to hear that “it is time,” the time is now here to position Israel for the escalation of war and the acceptance of peace from her enemies—which will be confirmed when the Antichrist arrives.

That our current President will follow through on what he says is given weight because he has been a man of action and one who follows through on what he says. Also, considering that no other President made this attempt, and trump has put his hands to the plow has us looking in anticipation on his future actions, the actions of Israel’s neighbors, and any movement in the United Nations toward Israel, her neighbors, and President Trump.


There have been whisperings that Trump might be the Antichrist. Before you consider this thought too much, ask yourself “Where does the Antichrist come from?” Does Trump fit this description? Read Daniel 8 and 11 to see what Scripture tells you.

This ends this third post. Now let me consider what  direction to go for my next post.

Until next time, the time is near…be prepared.
Mark 1:15



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