Let me explain… the destiny of Great Britain, the United States, Russia, Islam – Part 1

THE UNITED STATES – In my third post I wrote:

In my books I show how Scripture brings out that the United States, with Great Britain, is the voice of the Devil on earth to give leadership and direction to the rest of the world in setting the stage for the Antichrist’s arrival. “

Many have asked how I come to this conclusion. In my books I outline why this is true. I will briefly go over it here.


Daniel 2 and Daniel 7 lay the foundation from which this is seen. In these two chapters we are shown the empires that dominate world affairs from the time of Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, until the establishing of God’s kingdom. Daniel 2 reveals the following empires would rise up, and historians and theologians alike agree on the accuracy of Daniel’s timeline:

Roman / Divided Roman
New World Order (alignment of all nations into 10 global regions)
God’s Kingdom

Each of the first four empires became great empires and declined in their power. The New World Order is presently being put into place and God’s Eternal Kingdom is yet to be established. This timeline shows that we are presently living during the Divided Roman Empire, prior to the rise of the New World Order.


Out of this Divided Roman Empire, four other empires will rise up. Their purpose is to set the stage for establishing the New World Order and the coming of the Antichrist. These empires are revealed in Daniel 7 and identified as a…

Eagle Wings

The popular view is that these four empires are the same as those found in Daniel 2. However, Scripture is clear that these are different from Daniel 2’s empires for the following reasons:

1.  Daniel did not have a clue about which empires these animals represented and asked the angels he spoke with to help him to understand (Dan. 7:15,16).

2.  These empires were not yet present on the earth during Daniel’s lifetime, but “shall arise.” By saying they “shall arise” reveals that they have not yet appeared (Dan. 7:17).

3.  These empires will have world power at the same time, during earth’s last seven years. This is seen because God’s people will destroy their power and take possession of their kingdom for God  (Dan. 7:18, 27). This happens only during earth’s last seven years.

4.  Daniel 2 is clear that each successive empire overtook the one before it. Here in Daniel 7, the empires do not rise up overtaking each other, but are in power on the world scene at the same time. Daniel 7’s empires rise up in power from among its own people . This is seen because we are told these empires rise up out of the “sea” (Dan. 7:3). In Revelation 17:15 the sea represents peoples, languages, and nations.

5.  It is clear that the animal symbolism is different from those in Daniel 2. Medes-Persia is represented as a He goat and the Grecian Empire is that of a Ram (Dan. 8:20, 21). There is no indication historically or in Scripture that these empires changed their animal symbolism.


Daniel 7’s empires would be identified by their animal symbol during the last of the last days and earth’s last seven years. Since there is no question that we are the last generation, are living in the last of the last days, and are presently setting in place the final cashless, global kingdom, then it is really a simple task of looking at what empires in our world today fit the character of these empires today, and fit the five clues identified above. Without question, these empires are…

Great Britain, the lion
United States, the eagle that separated from the lion
Russia, the bear
Islam, the leopard

The first three empires have even taken these animals as their national animal. Islam, though it has not yet taken the leopard as its animal, has the character of the leopard and is rising with great power on the world stage.

Though many nations throughout history have taken these animals as their national animal, never in the history of the world has four great empires risen up on the world stage at the same time with the characteristic of these animals, even taking them as their national animal…not until now.

Why now? Because we are living in the last of the last days, when these empires are on the world stage to put in place the final pieces necessary for the Antichrist to appear in power.

This ends this fifth post. In our next post we will look at Part 2 and the role Great Britain, the United States, Russia, and Islam play in setting the stage for the Antichrist’s arrival.

Until next time, the time is near…be prepared.
Mark 1:15

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