The prophetic/historical timeline found in Scripture

THE PROPHETIC TIMELINE – Studying the end times is too often a confusing task that leads many to conclude that it is unimportant. The confusion takes place because of all the different orderings of last day events.

Few have difficulties understanding the events of the last days, but have difficulty ordering these events into a timeline giving assurance of the ordering of events, where we are on the prophetic timeline, and how close we are to earth’s final seven years.

To solve this confusion, the big question we need to answer is, “Has God given to us a prophetic/historical timeline that has a beginning and an end, with the events between the beginning and end progressing sequentially from beginning to end without our rearranging and reordering?

The answer is a resounding—yes!

In my three books, I lay out this timeline given to us in the books of Daniel, Matthew, and Revelation.

In this post I will briefly outline this timeline, beginning with Daniel 2.


What makes this timeline credible is that it is measurable and dated. Measurable because the events are history; and dated because they are verified through history.

Look at it in this way. When studying American History there is no question of the ordering and time period of these events:

1770-1779 AD   The American Revolution
1810-1819 AD   The War of 1812
1840-1849 AD   The Mexican War
1860-1869 AD   The Civil War
1910-1919 AD   World War I
1940-1949 AD   World War II

Now it’s true, the dates may vary depending on whose research you look at, but the events will not vary, neither will the ordering of events vary. The further back in time we go, the greater can be the variance in dates … but never in the sequence of these events.

It is no different with the prophetic timeline outlined in Scripture. Though the dates may vary depending upon whose doing the research, the ordering of prophetic events will not vary.

The key to understanding the ordering of last day events is to understand the prophetic/historical timeline already given to us in Scripture.

The problem with all the different orderings out there is that they do not start with a true Scriptural timeline; using instead an ordering contrived.


The first part of the timeline is found in Daniel 2. This timeline is so accurate that many historians say that it could not have been written by the prophet Daniel. Of course, it wasn’t written by Daniel, but dictated to Daniel by God, the vision’s originator.

Because of its accuracy, it should be the starting point for all timelines concerning the last days.

Take a moment right now and read Daniel 2:31-45.

Now let’s take a look at the timeline of history given to king Nebuchadnezzar.

Babylon Dan. 2:38 608 BC
Medes-Persia Dan. 2:39 538 BC
Grecian Dan. 2:39; 8:20-21 333 BC
Roman / Divided Roman Dan. 40, 41 160 BC / 476 AD
10 Region Global Empire Dan. 2:41-43 20?? AD
God’s Kingdom Dan. 2:44-45 20?? AD

The first three empires are identified in Scripture. Daniel 2:38 identified Babylon as the first empire. Daniel 5:28-31 identified the 2nd empire as Medes-Persia who overthrew Babylon. The third empire was identified as Greece, who overthrew Medes-Persia (Dan. 8:20-21). The fourth empire is mentioned in Scripture only as the legs of iron. History brings out that the next empire to take over the Grecian Empire was the Roman Empire.

Looking at this first part of the prophetic timeline, it is without question that the Babylonian, Medes-Persian, Grecian, and Roman Empire have all risen to the height of power and now are but an image of their former glory.


According to this first timeline, we are now living during the divided Roman Empire. The Roman Empire never ceased to be a major player on the world scene. Through Great Britain, Europe, and the United States it continues to dominate world events.

This first timeline places us prior to the development of the ten region global empire. This means we are the generation that is sitting in place the cashless society and realignment of all nations into ten political/economic regions, commonly called today the New World Order.


If all orderings of prophetic events would have started with this clear, measurable, and dated timeline, there would be less differences in our understanding of the ordering of prophetic events.

All prophetic events, because they are dated and therefore measurable, are able to be placed in their appropriate time period here in Daniel 2.

This ends this seventh post. In our next post we will continue to develop the prophetic timeline outlined in Daniel 7.

Until next time, the time is near…be prepared.
Mark 1:15

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